A collection of information about the now-closed Valley Drive-In, located in Oceanside, California.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Topographical Map and Satellite Pictures

28 Jan 2006 Pictures

Entrance from Mission Ave.

Screen 4
Screen 4

Men's restroom

Circa 2004 Pictures

Base of screen 1

Screen 2
Back of screen 2
Snack bar and screen 3
Ticket booth

Circa 2004 Pictures

Screen 3

Screen 4
Snack bar and restrooms

Ticket booth

Circa 2004 Pictures

Screen 1

Screen 2

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Circa 1996 Newspaper Photos

Caption: Ernesto Diaz, 15, has his hands - and mouth - full of soft drinks and popcorn. Says the Valley's manager, Jud Burks, "What little we make comes off the snack bar on the weekends."

Caption: Jim Corcoran waits for late arrivals at the Valley Drive-In's ticket booth.

1991 Pictures

7 July 1967 Newspaper Advertisement

This is a newspaper advertisement from 7 July 1967. Sometime during its first year the theater was renamed, as it was now being advertised as the Mission San Luis Rey Drive-In. This night's exciting program featured the films You Only Live Twice and For a Few Dollars More.

24 August 1966 Opening Night Advertisement

This was the Grand Opening newspaper advertisement for the Mission Drive-In, from 24 Aug 1966. The two films shown were Assault on a Queen, starring Frank Sinatra and Virna Lisi, and The Last of the Secret Agents?, starring Marty Allen and Steve Rossi.

27 July 1966 Newspaper Advertisement

The Valley Drive-In was originally called the Mission Drive-In. This newspaper advertisment is from 27 July 1966, about a month before the theater opened.

1990s Newspaper Advertisements

5 May 1994

9 June 1994
18 Jan 1995
26 Sept 1997
31 Oct 1997

Valley Drive-In Tickets

Ticket from 1990 or earlier

Ticket from 1992

Spring 1994

Here is another video showing the front of the Valley Drive-In before driving east on Mission Ave.

23 December 1989

Here is a short video from the night of 23 December 1989. There is a good shot of the Valley's marquee which shows all of the movies playing that week, and a couple of the screens are visible through the car window as we drive east on Mission Ave.